Wella SP Hydrate Emulsion 50ml
Wella SP Hydrate Emulsion 50ml

Wella SP Hydrate Emulsion 50ml

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Haircare and hairstyling have a lot of demand, unlike earlier times when it was just used to look young. These days it is not limited to primary hair care products. This hydrate emulsion provides the required moisture to your dull and dry hair. This product makes your hair easily manageable and soft. This product is ideal for dehydrated and lifeless hair. It provides deep hydration to the hair, which lacks moisture.

Hair looks lifeless if they are not well-hydrated. Wella's hydrate range's main purpose is to hydrate the hair that is dehydrated and lifeless. The forma moist ingredients recover the water that has been lost over time, and they hold it for long. Ingredients such as Glycerin, DL-panthenol, Glucose, and fructose make the hydrating range highly effective with their functions. Glycerin balances the moisture, DL- panthenol works by deeply penetrating the hair to prevent dehydration, and Glucose and fructose provide smooth moisture retention.


1. Lightweight formula
2. Long-lasting moisture
3. Forma moist ingredients with a unique hydrating complex that maintains hair health improves hair texture, and softens the hair

The direction of use:

1. Apply on damp hair after shampooing, leave it for 5-10 minutes
2. Rinse

There has always been an element of surprise in Wella products. For a long time, Wella has been coming up with the ideal products for haircare that cater to the requirements of different customers. This hydrate emulsion has a lightweight formula to retain the hair moisture for a longer time, and it is the best solution for your dull and dehydrated hair.


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