Wella SP Hydrate Hydrate Finish 125ml
Wella SP Hydrate Hydrate Finish 125ml

Wella SP Hydrate Hydrate Finish 125ml

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These days there is a lot of diversity in hair care products because there are a lot of changes in the haircare requirements of people. The SP hydrate finish is a leave-in product that will moisturize your hair, smoothen it, and make it manageable. This product is a boon for dehydrated and lifeless hair.

Hair looks lifeless if they are not well-hydrated. Wella's hydrate range has been carefully designed to add life to lifeless hair. The Forma moist ingredients of this range play a crucial part in hydrating the hair and maintain it for longer periods. It goes deep to protect the hair from external factors. Ingredients like Glycerin, DL-panthenol, Glucose, and fructose make the hydrating range highly effective. Glycerin regulates the moisture balance, and DL- panthenol works by deeply penetrating the hair to prevent dehydration. Glucose and fructose provide smooth moisture retention.


1. Lightweight formula with moisture that lasts for a long time
2. Forma moist ingredients with a unique hydrating complex that maintains hair health
3. Improves overall hair texture and softens the hair

The direction of use:

1. Apply a small amount to damp hair and let it be

Wella products are in use since the past 12 decades, and it has always garnered positive feedback. The innovation and quality have always increased over time. This product has a lightweight formula to retain the hair moisture for a longer time, and it hydrates the hair without making them heavy and humid.


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