Wella SP Hydrate Mask 200ml - Salon Warehouse
Wella SP Hydrate Mask 200ml - Salon Warehouse

Wella SP Hydrate Mask 200ml

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Hair masks drench the hair in moisturization, which is the best thing for hair that is dull and lifeless. There are different masks in the market that combat various problems, but all of them nourish the hair deeply. This hydrating mask is one of the best products from the Hydrate Range of Wella that can transform your hair from dull to soft and silky with its hydro-deposit formula.

Wella's hydrate range is specifically designed to hydrate the hair that is lifeless. It has forma moist ingredients that replete the lost hydration and hold it in the hair. The Hydrate range's unique formula penetrates right into the hair so that environmental stress doesn't damage the hair. Some of the main components are Glycerin, which maintains the moisture balance; DL-panthenol, which forbids dehydration; and Glucose, which retains moisture smoothly.

1. Lightweight formula that maintains hair health and improves hair texture
2. Long-lasting moisture that softens the hair
3. Forma moist ingredients and unique hydrating complex

Directions of use:

1. Apply to wet hair by massaging it along the lengths
2. Leave it for some minutes and rinse

Customers have always admired the innovation and the quality that Wella has maintained in its products over the years. This mask from Wella will provide you with a salon-like experience right from your home. Try this mask once, and it would become a crucial part of your hair care regime.


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