Wella SP Hydrate Mask 400ml
Wella SP Hydrate Mask 400ml

Wella SP Hydrate Mask 400ml

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Hair masks are ideal for hair moisturization. There are different types of hair masks that target various hair problems, but all are known to provide nourishment. Similarly, the Wella SP hydrate mask is one of the most loved products from Wella's hydrate range. This mask has the potential to provide you with a complete hair transformation. The hydro-deposit formula of this mask makes it a highly effective and loved product. It makes dehydrated hair soft and silky with time.

Hair looks lifeless if they are not well-hydrated. Wella's hydrate range has been designed to hydrate the hair and retain moisture adequately for dull hair. The ingredients are forma moist; thus, they not only recover the lost hydration but also maintain it for longer periods. It protects the hair from environmental drying factors. The key components are Glycerin, DL-panthenol, Glucose, and fructose, which make the hydrating range highly useful. Glycerin balances the moisture content, whereas DL- panthenol penetrates the hair to stop dehydration, and Glucose and fructose provide smooth moisture retention.


1. Lightweight formula with forma moist ingredients that make the moisture last long
2. Unique hydrating complex that maintains hair health improves texture, and softens hair

Directions of use:

1. Apply to damp hair and massage along the lengths
2. Leave it for some minutes and rinse thoroughly

Wella is one of the first choices for customers who want high-quality haircare products. You can get a salon-like experience at home by using these products. Experience the richness of this hydrating mask to get the best look at home.


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