Wella SP Men Gradual Tone Black Kit 60g+30ml
Wella SP Men Gradual Tone Black Kit 60g+30ml

Wella SP Men Gradual Tone Black Kit 60g+30ml


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Hair color is not a compulsion nowadays; it is a choice. The hair care industry strives to cater to customers' needs owing to the changing trends in hair care and styling. Wella has experience of about a dozen decades in the haircare industry. Wella SP men gradual tone black kit is a color-activating pigmentation foam 60 g along with 30 ml of sensitive shampoo. If you feel that your hair's natural color is fading away with age, stress, or environmental problems, try this product.

This foam is specially formulated to return the hair to its standard color. It is a gentle hair color that does not affect the hair structure during its course of action. The hair pigments present in the foam make the use of oxygen present in hair to allow the re-pigmentation of hair. It takes good care of hair, and its unique anti-aging complex nourishes the hair. This product works effectively for 70% grey hair. If your hair is 100% grey, its effectiveness may be affected.


?Gentle return to natural hair color
?The advanced formula of color pigments
?Unique anti-aging complex
?Easy to apply
?Long-lasting results
?Effective for up to 70% grey hair

Directions for use:

?Apply on damp hair
?Shake well before use
?Put gloves on your hands
?Apply with the help of a brush on grey hairs
?Leave it for 5-10 minutes to work
?Make use of water to emulsify the foam
?Follow with Wella SP men sensitive shampoo

Wella products are known for their perfection and excellence. This easy-to-use product saves time. It also protects you from the hassles involved in hair coloring. It is styling and care-packed in one kit.


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