Wella SP Smoothen Mask 400ml - Salon Warehouse
Wella SP Smoothen Mask 400ml - Salon Warehouse

Wella SP Smoothen Mask 400ml

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Wella SP smoothen mask is the most effective mask to tackle irritating frizzy and dry hair. It gives intense and deep nourishment so that hair becomes supple and shiny. It is an excellent help in detangling the hair, and it soothes the scalp. It also helps in improving the hair texture as it controls the hair frizz. It works perfectly for coarse hair as this type of hair is most difficult to manage as they lack shine and vigor.

The effective essence of avocado oil in the smoothen mask provides the essential omega-3 fatty acids, which penetrate deeply to improve the hair texture and unveil the healthy-looking shiny hair. It helps in achieving easily manageable and easy to comb hair. Apart from avocado oil, another essential ingredient is cashmere, which effectively provides a silky smoothness to the hair. This mask is perfect to be used once a week as it replenishes the required moisture and nourishment of hair so that hair becomes healthy and vibrant.


?Provides anti-frizz protection
?Luxurious softness to hair
?Prevents the excess moisture loss
?It helps in detangling the hair
?Improves the hair texture
?Works effectively for coarse hair

Directions of use:

?Apply on damp hair and let it be for 3-4 minutes
?Rinse it off

SP products of Wella has always strived to provide the desired quality and efficacy to the customers. With the experience of a dozen decades, Wella has mastered the skill of catering to haircare in changing times. Wella products bring a massive transformation in the way hair looks as it targets deep nourishment from inside and out. The popularity of Wella among the salons and hair professionals is a testimony of its quality and excellent delivery over the years. Every product is curated with utmost care to deal with current needs.


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