Wella SP Volumize Leave-In Conditioner 150ml
Wella SP Volumize Leave-In Conditioner 150ml

Wella SP Volumize Leave-In Conditioner 150ml

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A hair conditioner is the first hair care product used after shampooing to moisturize the hair. Hair conditioners are not only used to nourish the hair, but diverse conditioners are available in the market to tackle varying hair problems. Wella SP volumize leave-in Conditioner is specially formulated for fine hair that is devoid of shine and substance and lacks in hair volume as well. Many people relate hair to their appearance, and it cannot be denied that the way hair looks dramatically impacts a person's personality.

The volumizing line of Wella has a unique formulation that is patented. PVP and VA polymers in this formulation strengthen and stabilize the hair from inside and outside. Thus it works not from the periphery but penetrates deeply into the hair fibers to provide the required substance and shine to the hair. The formastrength complex provides balanced conditioning so that hair becomes voluminous and easily manageable. The science behind this volumizing range amplifies the hair structure so that around a tenfold increase in hair volume is observed.


?Ten-times amplification of hair volume
?Reliable results
?Helps in hair strengthening
?Targets the brittle and fragile hair
?Imbibes deeply into the hair fibers
?Repairs the damaged hair

Directions of use:

?Apply on damp hair and let it be for about ten minutes

It is incredible that a haircare brand that was established in the 19th century is still flourishing in the 21st century and is among the top haircare brands worldwide. Wella cleverly blends science and technology so that haircare benefits from the essence of natural ingredients and gets the leading technologies' positive results. This leave-in Conditioner gives both the mask and hair conditioner benefits as it is not one of them but in the middle of them.


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