Wella SP Volumize Mask 400ml
Wella SP Volumize Mask 400ml

Wella SP Volumize Mask 400ml

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Haircare has become a cumbersome task on your own, but you cannot always rush to the salon when you want to pamper your hair and relax your scalp. When that little extra is required, a hair mask is the most comfortable option as it can be easily applied at home. Wella volumize mask is a perfect mask is curated to take care of thin hair that looks less in volume. Less hair volume impacts a person's personality, and some individuals lose their confidence due to not satisfied with the way their hair looks.

The formastrength complex is the key ingredient of the volumizing line of Wella. This patented formula is excellent for imparting the required shine and substance to the hair. The ultra-light formulation makes the hair look bouncy, but they are easily manageable at the same time. It provides appropriate conditioning so that hair looks nourished but not too heavy that weigh down under the impact of gravity. Inside as well as the amalgamation of the polymers, provides outside strength.


?Boosts hair volume
?Ten times enhancement in hair volume
?satisfactory results
?Strengthens the hair
?Targets the weak hair
?Penetrates the hair fiber
?Restructures the damaged hair

Directions of use:

?Apply to slightly damp hair
?Massage thoroughly
?Leave it for some minutes to infuse thoroughly

It also improves the hair texture as polymers present in this formula of volumizing hair mask penetrates deeply into each hair strand to unveil the hair's natural texture and beauty. It enhances the vibrancy and beauty of hair and increases the hair volume, and a noticeable change is observed in the volume of hair within few days after the use of this miraculous mask.


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