Wella SP Volumize Shampoo 1000ml - Salon Warehouse
Wella SP Volumize Shampoo 1000ml - Salon Warehouse

Wella SP Volumize Shampoo 1000ml

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The role of shampoo in haircare is of utmost importance, and there are diverse hair cleansers found in the market to tackle various hair problems. There are many problems associated with hair, such as dandruff, hair breakage, and split ends, but less voluminous hair is challenging. One cannot style hair as desired if there is not adequate hair volume, and in this fashion era, everyone wants to experiment with their looks through varying hairstyles. Wella SP volumize shampoo is a delicate shampoo to take care of subtle and less voluminous hair.

The formastrength complex of the volumizing range is a specifically patented formula, and it imparts adequate strength and substance to the hair. The procedure is nourishing and yet lightweight so that hair does not become greasy and is not pulled down under the impact of gravity. PVP and VP polymers strengthen the hair from inside and outside to obtain the amplified hair structure. These polymers and formastrength complex is an excellent example of advanced technologies used in modern-day haircare.


?Delicate cleanser
?Enhances hair volume
?Effective results
?Strengthens the hair
?Targets the dull and damaged hair
?Imbibes deeply into hair strands
?Reconstructs the damaged hair

Directions for use:

?Apply on damp hair and lather it for a few minutes after which you can rinse it off

Wella is among the most sought-after names in the hair care industry, with experience of about a hundred years. It cannot be denied that Wella products are unique in quality and are preferred worldwide for their excellent results. The supple hair cleanser from Wella's volumizing range works efficiently to clean the hair and enhance the hair volume as well. It is compatible with the sensitive scalp as it does not have a strong fragrance, and it restructures the hair structure.


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