Wella Welloxon Perfect 4% 1000ml - Salon Warehouse
Wella Welloxon Perfect 4% 1000ml - Salon Warehouse

Wella Welloxon Perfect 4% 1000ml

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The Welloxon Perfect 4% Cream Oxidation 1000ml is one of the best products of the Wella color collection. Together with Wella Koleston Perfect hair color, the welloxon perfect 4% cream provides reliable coverage to your hairs, resulting in brilliant hair color. The creamy and smooth texture of this product ensures an easy application avoiding any possible rinsing or clumping.

Wella Welloxon perfect 4% Creme developer provides beautiful consistency along with the newly launched KOLESTON Perfect product. It is Specifically reformulated and redesigned to achieve the utmost and accurate hair coloring results for each customer. It Promotes easy and hassle-free application, easy rinsing and faster mixing, and smooth application, and expert foil adherence. It helps the customer to create balanced, glossy, and high shine beautiful color results.

Wella welloxon perfect 4% comes in a 1000 ml handy bottle. As part of the relaunch of the new product Koleston Perfect hair color, Welloxon has also been relaunched and adapted. This advanced formula guarantees a customer the predictable colorization result and more significant and accurate color performance development.

It is Specifically reformulated to achieve the utmost accurate coloring results for every customer.
Its creamy texture Promotes faster mixing and easy applying along with easy rinsing.
It helps in natural, balanced, and high shine color results.
This product lasts up to 6 months after it’s been opened for the first time. It comes in different volumes for all the possible services (1.9%, 4%, 6%, 9%, and 12%). Specifically relaunched and reformulated to achieve the best accurate color, it is redesigned to provide the following benefits:
Easy application and faster mixing
Precise and smooth application
Great foil adherence
Easy rinsing
A qualitative customer experiences


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