Wellaplex Travel Kit (3 X 100ml)
Wellaplex Travel Kit (3 X 100ml)

Wellaplex Travel Kit (3 X 100ml)

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There have been a lot of changes in the methods of haircare and hair styling over the years. Now, people use hair color for many purposes, and not just for covering their grey hair. Today's kids like to experiment with their hair color and looks. This travel kit from Wella contains a number one bond maker, number 2 bond stabilizer, and a dosing dispenser. It takes care of colored and lightened hair to neutralize the damage caused due to chemicals exposure.

When we color or lighten our hair, hydrogen peroxide make the hair lifeless, which hampers the strength and quality of hair. It has ingredients that help the hair to recover from coloring and lightning damage, and it also strengthens the hair and improves the hair texture. The kit works to balance the pH to maintain optimum hair health and enhance the natural shine, and it is best used with lightening services and is effective on sensitive colored, damaged hair.


1. Great for sensitive color damaged hair with opti pH system
2. Enhances color vibrancy and imparts the ideal color that enhances lift development

Directions of use:

1. Use bond maker with lightening powder and bond stabilizer alone for treatment of colored hair
2. Rinse

Wella has been a major part of the haircare industry for a dozen decades, and it satisfies customers' needs in this fashion-oriented world. People admire the innovative blend of science and technology that it uses, which makes the brand one of the most sought after in hair care products.


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